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The choice of United States for this study visit is to explore the housing finance and real estate sector in the United States. Pison Housing Company organized a study visit to the United States in 2008 and we believe there has been considerable development which will aid delegates in making decisions.Delegates on this program to the United States will have the opportunity to achieve their potentials and improve on the lack of access to housing and finance as well as the relatively high cost which hampers growth and limits opportunities for the Nigerian housing sector.

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Brazil Study Visit

In the early 90s, new funding sources designed to finance real estate was introduced in Brazil and the sector and economy began to improve. One of the structures was the

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   Who We Are?

Pison Housing Company is an emerging commercial real estate and housing finance advisory firm with considerable deal-making muscle providing customized services to individuals, corporate, and multinational companies.

   What We Do?

Real estate investment banking, housing finance advisory and consultancy services to banks and non-banks financial institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa and abroad.

Proven hands-on experience in the development of both primary and secondary market financing instruments.

State-of-the-art technology, building capacity and training regarding development of emerging real estate and housing finance sector.

Advice on commercial real estate and housing finance structures that will establish relationships with Sub – Saharan and multi-national banks to gain access to funding facilities.

Assistance in creating new real estate investment banking and housing finance institutions and strengthening existing ones.


Globally, mortgage industry analysis shows that up to half of mortgage operation costs are related to time and personnel. By taking advantage of the Pison’s MPS™ product, you will achieve ...
Compendium Report on Road Infrastructure & Related Development in Nigeria- An Investor’s Manual
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